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Spagyric Nettle Tincture -20ml

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Spagyric nettle extract – Full Spectrum


Spagyric Nettle Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Organic Alcohol


Store in a cool dark place and shake well before use.


There is no exact dosage. We recommend 4 drops under the tongue, twice a day, as a starting point.

Manufactured by Advance Biotech Laboratories Sweden AB

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Spagyric Nettle Tincture -20ml


Our Spagyric extractions are like no other found on the UK market.

We take the left-over plant material from the initial Alchemic process and burn it at a high temperature in a process called calcination. This breaks the carbon bonds within the plant. The remaining ash is placed in distilled water where the mineral salts from the body of the plant are absorbed. The ash is strained, the water evaporated and we are left with beautiful pure mineral salts. These are then combined with the original plant extract to produce a truly unique product which combines all aspects of the plant in perfect harmony, just as they would be in nature.

All of our products within the Spagyric oil family are Organic, Vegan Friendly and non-GMO.


Nettle is one such herb that many overlook and consider to be a weed, but it is one of our greatest treasures in nature. There are over 35 species and nettle, but in Sweden there are only two: nettle and black nettle. Nettle is packed with a wide range of nutrients. In folk medicine, the nettle has been used to cure various diseases and is seen as a blood purifier. Nettle is also fluid and helps with problems in the urinary tract and liver.



Spagyric Nettle Tinctures are unique and provide a complete herb or plant extraction, unlike ordinary tinctures. They contain all the three philosophical principles of the plant, – Soul – Mind – Body. The soul is represented by the essential oils, the mind is represented by alcohol obtained from fermentation of the plant and the body is represented by the mineral salts that are locked in the plant’s fibres and are obtained by burning the plant material to break the carbon bonds and access these minerals. When these three are re-combined, the final product evolves into tincture far more bioavailable than any other type of extract.

Dosage: We recommend a dose of 1 – 10 drops of Spagyric Nettle Tinctures 1 – 3 times a day or as needed.

Ingredients: Vegetable-Glycerin* , Alcohol *, Spagyric Nettle Extract *, Distilled Water. * Organic Ingredient.

100% Organic

Vegan Friendly