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Advanced Biotech

Spagyric Hemp Oil Strong 3% CBG / 10% CBD – 1300mg Cannabinoids – 10ml


Our Spagyric Hemp CBD Oil range gives our products that extra something special which is not found in any other hemp-based products on the UK market.

The Spagyric extraction method is an ancient artisan and holistic practice that works on all levels of mind, body and spirit. We have now created a new and truly unique range of hemp oils that are a hybrid of CBG and CBD hemp. Its a full spectrum oil with the added mineral salts of the plant and also THC-free. After the first extraction of all the plants beneficial compounds we use the left-over hemp material from the initial Alchemic process and burn it at a high temperature in a process called calcination. This breaks the carbon bonds within the plant and the remaining purified ash is placed in distilled water where the mineral salts from the body of the plant are extracted. The ash is strained, the water evaporated and we are left with beautiful pure mineral salts. These are then combined with the original hemp extract to produce a very unique product which combines all aspects of the hemp plant in perfect harmony, just as they would be in nature.

All of our products within the Spagyric cannabis family are Organic and Vegan Friendly and non-GMO.

Advanced Biotech

CBD Beard Oil 1% 20ml – 200mg CBD


CBD Beard Oil 1% 20ml – 200mg CBD

Ingredients: Alchemic Hemp Extract, MCT, Cedarwood Oil

100% Natural and organic product manufactured by Advance Biotech Laboratories Sweden AB

Store in a cool, dark environment.

100% Organic

Vegan Friendly