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Advance Biotech Ltd is a specialist CBD producer offering CBD products that are ready for sale, buy CBD that are headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Advance Biotech Ltd
is a specialist CBD producer

As part of the CBD products manufacturing process, we place a special emphasis on the quality hemp to be used for our natural and high-quality hemp oil which is the best hemp oil to buy CBD and CBD oils.

This is of paramount importance to us. All our hemp is hand-harvested from organically certified cultivators within Europe.

This helps create a low impact on the environment and ensures the hemp is not polluted with foreign contaminants from heavy machinery.

We have our sights firmly planted on the exciting future within the world of hemp and will continue to formulate and provide the best quality certified CBD products for you, safe in the knowledge of Advance Biotech’s guarantee of ethically sourced quality hemp oil products.

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E-Vape Oil

E-Vape oils are a great way to get cannabinoids into your system, especially if you currently use a vape device.

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Finest Quality CBD Oil – Created from Organic Cannabis Sativa L.

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CBD Hemp Capsules

Hemp Capsules are an easy and convenient way of getting the required dose of cannabinoids into your system.

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What We Guarantee

Lab Tested CBD Products – Safe & Legal

First and foremost, Lab Testing. All Advance Biotech CBD products are independently lab tested. This ensures the consumer is getting exactly what has been paid for, comfortable in the knowledge that the CBD supplements are safe and legal.

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All the CBD raw materials and Advance Biotech products have been batch tested with 3rd Party, ISO 17025 accredited laboratories within the UK. Using only premium ingredients and adhering to the most stringent quality control measures.


Lab Tested

Fullylab tested products from third party lab testing facilities ensuring cannabinoid content and traceability.


Fullylab tested products from third party lab testing facilities ensuring cannabinoid content and traceability.

Hand Crafted

Al products are handmade providing that unique touch to Create a truly unique product.

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All our products are made from raw hemp extract creating a unique blend.


manufactured using holistic extraction methods.

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You can choose from express next day delivery or have signed for 1-3 days standard delivery Prders over 60 have free next day delivery

No Added Gimmicks

We give you the closest extracts as possible without the needs for buzz words or arthcial favourings Our Olls contains Raw Extract and our carrier oil Organic MCT nothing more

Broad spectrum

All our products are made from raw hemp extract creating a unique blend

Award Winning

Our Unique extraction method has been awarded a coveted price by an independent panel at the Hemp & CBD Expo

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Handmade Hemp Balm

This short video gives you a peek behind the scenes at our manufacturing facility. Here you will see a step by step process of how our handmade Hemp Balms are produced.

Every process is regulated and quality controlled to ensure that the product is second to none.

No part of the process is rushed. From mixing to pouring and finally the setting of our balm.

All ingredients used for Advance Biotech’s Hemp Balm are Organic and Vegan friendly, giving us the foundations for a truly unique product made using traditional holistic methods.

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Buy CBD & Handmade CBD Capsules

Our CBD capsules go through the same handmade process as all our other products. We start production of best CBD capsules with Raw hemp material in bulk.

We grind the hemp into a powder and use this powder to create our 3% Hemp capsules.

Alternatively, we mix the hemp powder with ground turmeric and black pepper to create our unique 1.5% Hemp capsules.

All capsule packaging is reclaimed from recyclable material to ensure no unnecessary plastic is used.

Equipment & Processes for Unique CBD Extracts

Our extraction equipment is unique in its own way. We have not obtained any of the equipment to produce our hemp products, instead, all our extraction equipment has been carefully selected and custom-built over many years by our dedicated production team.

They started in a small, humble laboratory and have progressed into the sophisticated facility we operate today.

The reason our products are so unique is due to this equipment and hemp extraction process.

Every part of the process has been monitored and refined, paying close attention to extraction temperatures, which enables us to produce hemp products in the UK unlike anything else.

They maintain the plant cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in the exact same ratio that nature intended.

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