In the Spagyric method, the word ‘Spagyric’ comes from ancient Greece and can be divided into two parts.

“Spao” = I Collect, and “Agerio” = I extract / Recombine.

It can also be briefly explained as separating and combining. Spagyric plant extracts originated in ancient alchemy, separating the three basic principles of a plant, and then reuniting them into a more potent form than the original plant. Within alchemy, this was considered a more spiritual and holistic way of creating plant medicines which preserve the full spectrum of the plant.

The Spagyric Method

Step 1:

Alcohol extraction

In this first step of the Spagyric method, our stainless steel Soxhlet extractor uses vacuum pressure to extract more of the plant’s compounds in an efficient, non-damaging way. The reduced boiling point (50°C) of the alcohol under vacuum preserves the plant heats sensitive compounds and allows us to maintain these compounds in the same ratio as the original plant. The final product of the alcohol extraction is a black viscous paste or a strong alcoholic tincture containing all the fat-soluble and water-soluble components.

Step 2:

Mineral extraction

The second step in the Spagyric method is to extract the mineral salts contained in the plant fibres, the depleted plant material used in the alcohol extraction needs to be burned at a high temperature in a process known as calcination. The result is sterilized ash where the water-soluble mineral salts have been released from their carbon bonds. The salts can now be extracted from the ash using distilled water, which when dissolved, leaves a pure white mineral crystal powder.

Step 3:


In the final step of the Spagyric method, the strong tincture from the alcohol extraction is combined with the pure white crystal powder from the calcination, which completes the spagyric process. The tincture now contains all of the plant’s compounds maintained in the same structure and ratio as the original plant, but now in a purer and more potent form. A process called esterification now occurs, where the organic acids are neutralized and converted from fat-soluble compounds to water-soluble compounds.

Step 4:


The spagyric method is far superior to all other extraction methods for several reasons. The extracts contain a truly full spectrum of all the plant’s original compounds which therefore act in greater harmony with the human body. All parts of the plant are reunited in perfect balance, just as nature intended. The entire process is 100% natural and organic. Learn more about the Spagyric method at Advance Biotech.