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CBD-Infused Dinners & Designer Handbags?

CBD Infused Dinners Designer Handbags

Cannabis is trending everywhere. The plant is already influencing culture, fashion and food. People are becoming more and more curious about what CBD is all about.

Gracias Madre is a vegan restaurant (one of the many that are cropping up all around the world) and already serving CBD cocktails to their customers in West Hollywood

You can even get a Swedish massage with peppermint CBD balm at the Now spa in LA.

If CBD hasn’t whetted your appetite yet, then read on to discover more innovative ways the world is infusing CBD into our everyday lives.

Miss Grass

Already a number of campaigners are doing their bit to de-stigmatise the stigma attached to CBD and cannabis. Anne Duckworth and Kate Miller have already started normalising conversations around cannabis through their ‘Miss Grass’ brand.

Free Weed Magazine

Next up, there’s a free magazine publication which focusses on weed. Designed by Anja

Charbonneau, the magazine is called Broccoli and it’s main objective is to focus on cannabis through creative fashion and design. Issue 1 featured a flower arrangement and the latest issue has an essay on hemp, and an article on eating cannabis by cannabis chocolate expert, Rachel Gallagaher. A yearly subscription requires you to pay for postage and shipping only.

CBD-infused Dinners

A CBD cookbook?  Yes, a bible of cannabis recipes, with something for everyone.  You’ll weed brownie sundaes and 255 other pages looking at how to infuse cannabis with fats such as butter, milk and oils.

Putting cannabis in your dinner may sound strange, but there is a company called Plant People that can host the perfect farm to table CBD dinners. One of their recent menus included:

  • Hemp, little Gem lettuce and hearts of palm
  • Red kuri squash soup with olive oil.

Another restaurant on the West Coast of America is also serving Thai basil pear tart with a dash of CBD.

Marijuana Apparel

Marijuana is starting to trend on apparel shelves, with the California Clutch featuring an all over cannabis print.

There’s been limited editions of marijuana leaf printed sweaters and hats made from soft cashmere by luxury clothes brand, The Elder Statesman.

Combatting The Opioid Crisis

More marijuana news and highlights in the press include Colorado-based Stanley Brothers who have recently starred on CNN with Dr. Sanjay Gupta to discuss cannabis’ role in tackling the opioid crisis.

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