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Growing Cannabis for CBD Oils

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Every product has a story to tell of how it began and in the case of CBD oils, let’s take a look at how the cannabis plant is optimised in it’s early days.

Whilst hemp seeds are planted close together, resulting in tall plants (in excess of 10 foot high) this is useful to hinder any growth of weeds around them.  Cannabis, however, is grown much differently.

Cannabis grown for CBD oils, needs space around it to produce a heavy crop of flowers which won’t require fertilisers or seeds. These flowers eventually develop trichomes, in other words tiny stalks that produce the cannabinoids.

The more light and nutrients that are absorbed by the plant, the more trichomes that will fill with oil. Each plant is nurtured individually to ensure optimum produce of organic CBD oil whilst it matures.

Once the plant is harvested and allowed to dry naturally, only the flowering tops are used for producing the oils. They are finely pressed and grinder before being processed using carbon dioxide extraction.

Next, they are subjected to pressure and heating, which causes the gas to convert into half gas/half liquid. The low temperatures of heating allow terpenes and flavonoids to be preserved. Varying the pressure levels can also ensure more CBD is extracted and THC is left behind.

Some strains of cannabis used for growing CBD oils can be different to the strains used for producing the intoxicating-THC plants.  Growing cannabis for CBD requires careful cultivation techniques and new strains of low-THC cannabis that are better suited to producing CBD are being added to the EU approved list.

Meanwhile, at Advance Biotech we are able to supply customers with the highest quality of organic CBDs at affordable prices. All our products are derived from legally sourced cannabis that require a license to be grown.

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