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Hemp Extract from Advance Biotech

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Advance Biotech is one of the leading companies to manufacture hemp extract. Just recently, the company bagged its second award at The Hemp and CBD Expo for its outstanding quality hemp extract. Advance Biotech is now a multi-award winning manufacturer. This extract is completely organic and suitable for vegans also

About Hemp

Hemp belongs to the family of cannabis sativa and has numerous industrial applications. Its growth rate is high and one of the oldest applications is for creating hemp fibres. Currently, hemp finds itself more commonly used to create hemp extract. The beauty of hemp is that it contains extremely low levels of THC (the psychoactive compound) and can therefore be used to create CBD products which will not cause ill effects.

Applications of Hemp & Hemp Extracts

The hemp plant contains many nutritional components, making it suitable for a large number of applications. The seeds can be used as an additive in beverages such as hemp milk. Another product of hemp is hemp seed oil. It is obtained by cold-pressing the seeds. One of the many advantages of hemp oil includes the higher bio-availability of unsaturated fatty acids. In addition to the seeds, leaves of the hemp plant also prove to be very beneficial. Although not quite as rich in nutritional content as the seeds, the leaves are still considered edible and are consumed raw in salads, or pressed to give juices.

The demand for hemp extract has been rapidly increasing over recent years. In the UK, the demand for hemp products is increasing, however people are looking for high-quality hemp extracts. Advance Biotech looks to cater to the needs of the consumer by providing hemp products that boast optimum quality and supreme grade. Hemp oil and paste are among the most popular items. It is predicted that with advancements in manufacturing and quality control, the industry is set to continue on this path of rapid expansion.

The Bottom Line: Advance Biotech is one of the most respected brands in the Hemp and CBD industry. The multiple awards received by the company for its hemp extract is a reflection of the product quality and brand value. With state of the art manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control, the company leaves no room for error  when striving to create products that are nothing short of perfect.

100% Organic

Vegan Friendly