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How Cannabis Is Coming Back Into Our Diets

You may have noticed the food industry is embracing a newfound passion with CBD-infused menus? Since 2018, the number of food products containing CBD has risen.

Veganism is another uprising trend that’s targeting a whole new market of millennials. Commuters want to try something new to snack on during their daily commute and in the South, new CBD-inspired eateries are popping up. Take for example, London based, By Chloe, who bake and sell vegan marshmallow cookies containing CBD oils. The vegan restaurant’s slogan, “Eat Well, Eat With Purpose” is undoubtedly grabbing the attention of anyone who’s walks past the growing chain of eateries in the capital. They will even cater for your pet dog who can savour on a CBD-infused ‘peanut butter bone’.

Brighton will soon host their first cannabis-infused vegetarian and vegan restaurant. The menu at The Canna Kitchen will include CBD tahini cream on roast cauliflower and chocolate chunk hemp brownie served warm with CBD terpene chocolate Sauce. Sweet treats, especially the kind that contain chocolate, are guaranteed to always be a winner.

Make CBD-Infused Foods At Home Yourself

You don’t ‘have to’ commute or travel to a fancy restaurant to taste CBD-infused ware either. Making your own CBD-infused cupcakes is not rocket science. All you need is a bit of time on your hands. We recommend weekends if your weekday schedule is too busy.

Adding a few drops of our CBD oils into cake frosting can transform your cakes into an impressive dessert, giving guests the wow factor. Perhaps avoid adding it to the actual cake batter, as heat could cause it to dilute.

And if you fancy going savoury, drizzling CBD oil over your avocado on toast is another favourite alternative for those who like to use it as a dressing. The possibilities are endless and allowing your creativity to flow will enable you to incorporate CBD oils into your daily diet or that Buddha Bowl. Can you add CBD oils to your morning smoothie? The answer is of course, yes! Step outside your comfort zone and start experimenting with new flavours.

Examining the impact of CBD oil-infused foods is still lacking in research. More studies are still required to understand how the body responds to CBD oil-infused food and drink, but for the time being, it’s a taste being acquired by many.

Some CBD food experts have incorporated the CBD oils into their coffee routine, where they apply a drop to the tongue after drinking their morning espresso. They claim it’s the yin to their coffee’s yang.

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