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What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Manufacturers have found countless ways to incorporate CBD into their products. You can take a CBD tablet, eat a flavoured CBD gummy, or even drink your coffee with CBD.

Although CBD oil is still the most popular method of consumption, it isn’t renowned for its great taste.

In this article, we’ll try to answer the question, “What does CBD oil taste like?” We’ll also tell you if there’s anything you can do to make it more palatable.

The Taste of CBD Oil

Anecdotal descriptions of CBD oil revolve around the terms “nutty” or “earthy”. Some might even say that CBD oil tastes bitter, but given how many people use CBD oil without masking its taste, one could argue that it certainly isn’t terrible.

Ultimately, that can only be judged on an individual basis. However, we can discuss the taste of CBD oil in more detail.

CBD is short for cannabinoid, which is one of many chemical compounds found in the cannabis Sativa plant. Given that it’s a plant extraction, the taste of CBD could also be described as plant-like or grass-like.

When you taste pure CBD oil, you might think it tastes natural, perhaps even non-toxic. But there is indeed an explanation as to why CBD oil tastes the way it does.

What Are Terpenes?

As mentioned, CBD is one of over a hundred chemical compounds in the cannabis Sativa plant. Perhaps a lesser-known fact is that the cannabis plant also contains terpenes, a group of aromatic compounds responsible for the very distinctive flavour of all cannabis-related products.

In fact, terpenes are often used to differentiate the strains of the cannabis plant, but they all have some similarities in what they taste like.

Flavours of CBD Extracts

There are three types of CBD oil available on the market, and they’re categorised by the extraction method used to produce them. We have CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD oil, and full-spectrum CBD.

But does the taste differ in these three types? The answer is yes – there are differences in taste, but they’re not easy to notice unless you know what to pay attention to.

For example, CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD oil. As such, it has the mildest taste. Some might find it a little bitter, but it lacks a familiar earthy tone.

Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oil contain more terpenes than the isolate and it, therefore, has a more pungent taste. However, there can be some notable differences between the two, especially when considering the carrier oil.

Types of Carrier Oils

When you purchase broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil, it’s mixed with another natural oil, preferably one that complements it. Most CBD brands stick to several options that are known to work well with CBD oil.

Hemp Seed Oil

This is probably the most widely used option among CBD brands. As this oil is extracted from the same plant as CBD (but only the seeds), it’s the most logical choice.

However, this is where the “nutty” taste usually comes from. The hemp seed oil has long been a cooking ingredient and might remind you of sunflower seeds or walnuts.

Coconut Oil

CBD oil with coconut oil is not that common, but it’s still a combination that works. When coconut oil is fully refined, it loses its distinct flavour. What remains are the nutritional benefits of coconut oil and only the flavour of the CBD oil.

Olive Oil

Most people are familiar with the specific taste of olive oil. When you combine the earthiness of CBD oil with the somewhat different earthiness of olive oil, you get a strong flavour that might not agree with everyone. Still, the combined health benefits of CBD oil and olive oil might persuade some to give it a try.

The Tastes You Don’t Want in Your CBD Oil

The CBD oil you purchase from one brand will likely taste different from another manufacturer. But that’s due to the type of CBD extract they use, the plant quality, and the carrier oil.

In general, all these products should roughly taste the same. It’s only when your CBD oil tastes completely different that you should be worried.

For example, some brands might choose to add sweeteners to mask the taste of CBD. Not only could that potentially make it taste worse, but it’s also not a safe practice.

Someone struggling with diabetes could try the CBD oil without realising it’s not supposed to be sweet. Artificial dyes used for marketing purposes are another problem. They don’t belong in a natural product such as CBD oil and could potentially impact the flavour.

Finally, if the CBD oil hasn’t been thoroughly lab-tested, it could contain various contaminants that alter its taste completely. This is why it’s so essential to only purchase CBD products from verified manufacturers.

Can You Mask the Taste of CBD Oil?

With the what does CBD oil taste like a question answered, we can talk now about the ways you can mask its taste. If you’re eager to give CBD a try, but can’t seem to get over the taste, here are a few solutions.

The best way to consume CBD oil is to put a few drops under your tongue. To avoid the taste, pop a mint or chewing gum into your mouth before ingesting the drops. It’s likely the mint will overpower the CBD taste and camouflage it.

Another strategy is to mix a few drops of CBD oil with fruit yoghurt or a smoothie, but that might slow down the effects. Finally, a chaser is always a good idea. Place a few drops sublingually and then bite down on a lemon or drink something you like.

Getting All the Benefits from CBD Oil Without the Taste

It’s possible that after taking CBD a few times, you’ll get used to the taste and won’t need to mask it anymore. But even if you don’t, it’s helpful to know what makes CBD taste the way it does.

The presence of terpenes determines the distinctive flavour. But the carrier oil also plays a significant role, unless we’re talking about CBD isolate. Finally, remember that CBD oil shouldn’t contain any artificial ingredients.

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