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What Is CBD Oil Good For?

Not too long ago, CBD was a niche product and its many benefits were not widely appreciated. In the last few years, the wellness industry has been flooded by CDB oil products.

But what brought on this massive shift from somewhat obscure to super trendy? As more people wonder what is CBD oil good for, researchers have delivered valuable knowledge. Now we know you can use CBD oil for depression, anxiety, pain relief, and more.

There’s still more to learn about CBD, and thankfully, new studies are published frequently. However, it’s worth reviewing everything we know about what is CBD oil good for and how it can benefit you now.

CBD Oil UK Benefits

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant. These days, there are many types of products available, and many brands sell CBD oil UK. Benefits associated with CBD have made it increasingly popular, so let’s examine what CBD oil is good for and how it can increase your quality of life.

CBD Oil for Pain Relief UK

Is CBD oil good for pain? Of all potential benefits, pain management is something CBD is best-known for. According to data, over 30% of adults in the UK suffer from chronic pain.

It’s unsurprising that many are looking to CBD oil for pain relief. UK residents struggling with diseases such as multiple sclerosis, chronic headaches, lower back pain, or neuropathic pain can manage their pain with CBD.

It’s important to point out that researching and choosing a reputable supplier is essential when purchasing CBD oil for pain relief. UK manufacturers are regulated and conduct third-party lab testing.

Is CBD Oil Good for Arthritis?

Discussing the issue is CBD oil good for pain is impossible without asking is CBD oil good for arthritis too. There are two types of arthritis: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

While the former is caused by degeneration of joints, typically due to old age, the latter is an autoimmune disease. However, both lead to chronic joint pain. All of which begs the question – is CBD oil good for arthritis? There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests CBD helps with joint pain relief.

Due to its calming effects, many patients find that it helps them sleep better too. But what does the science say? There aren’t many studies linking the benefits of CBD for arthritis-related pain, but those that have been conducted show plenty of promise.

Is CBD Oil Good for Anxiety UK?

When trying to understand what is CBD oil good for and how can it improve your quality of life, the topic of anxiety arises. So, is CBD oil good for anxiety? UK residents with generalised anxiety disorder make for about 5% of the entire population. Those aged between 35 to 59 are most affected.

While severe cases of anxiety are traditionally treated with medication, some are more interested in natural ways to balance their stress and anxiety levels.

CBD oil has been heavily marketed as a powerful way to manage anxiety. But does it work? According to one study, specific dosages of CBD can successfully reduce stress in rats. Although these claims are yet to be confirmed via human study.

We also have to consider that there are other types of anxiety that affect people differently. For example, in one Brazilian study, participants with public speaking-related anxiety were given CBD.

A simulated speaking test has proven that those who took CBD experienced much less anxiety than those who received a placebo.

What About CBD Oil for Depression?

Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand for many people. When talking about what is CBD oil good for, these two conditions are often mentioned in the same breath.

As depression is often linked to the lack of serotonin levels in the brain, it’s reasonable to wonder if CBD boosts serotonin production. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way exactly.

Taking CBD oil won’t force your brain to release more serotonin, but it may affect the chemical receptors that respond to serotonin. That way, your body is making the most of the serotonin you already have.

Furthermore, one study has shown that CBD can be beneficial for those struggling with anxiety and depression at the same time. Keep in mind that depression is a serious illness and that CBD is not a cure. Patients with depression who are taking medication may find that CBD eases the symptoms. However, consulting with a doctor is essential.

Other Ways CBD Oil Can Help

Cannabidiol is known to interact with neuroreceptors in the human endocannabinoid system. The full range of CBD benefits, however, is still unknown.

But evidence shows it has a lot of potential for regulating mood, the immune system, and the general state of homeostasis. The management of pain, anxiety, and depression have been the primary focus of research but patients with other conditions may also consider CBD oil in the UK. The benefits of this compound are connected to alleviating cancer-related symptoms.

This is especially the case for those undergoing chemotherapy, in terms of nausea and vomiting. CBD may also help those with high blood pressure, often when linked to anxiety.

Furthermore, some research on mice has shown that CBD has reduced symptoms of diabetes and inflammation linked to the disease.

Finally, CBD offers numerous benefits for skin health. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, products containing CBD are recommended for those struggling with acne. CBD-infused skincare products are widely available, and many of them focus on anti-ageing and dry skin management.

CBD Can Help in Many Wonderful Ways

What is CBD oil good for? The answer is – a lot. People usually turn to CBD because they have either exhausted their options with traditional medicine or want to supplement it. Taking the correct dosage of CBD can be immensely helpful in chronic pain management.

Often, the sheer anxiety associated with pain can make patients feel even worse. Fortunately, CBD has the potential to help with both pain, anxiety, and depression.

Patients with arthritis can see the inflammation in their joints reduce from taking CBD. But keep in mind that a lot of what we know about CBD is anecdotal, although research is slowly backing up these claims.

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