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CBD Capsules 300mg – pack of 30

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100% natural CBD capsules containing 1% CBD. 30 x 10mg capsules.

Certified Vegetarian, Kosher, & Halal.

Store in a cool dry environment.

Dose 1-2 capsules daily, do not exceed the recommended dose.

Should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. CBD may interact with certain medicines, please contact your doctor before consumption.



CBD Capsules 300mg – pack of 30


CBD Capsules 10mg are an easy and convenient way of getting the required dose of cannabinoids in to your system. Our 100% natural CBD capsules are rich in cannabinoids and are an excellent dietary supplement all year round.

Our THC free capsules are entirely plant based meaning the plant material has not gone through any process other than grinding and packaging. This alternative method ensures that you are getting as many cannabinoids as possible into your system for the best results.

We recommend 1-2 hemp CBD capsules 10mg morning and evening, this should not be exceeded.

100% Organic

Vegan Friendly