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The Flowers, Leaves and Seeds of the Cannabis Plant

The Cannabis plant has a lot of interesting facts that never end to surprise us. The plant makes us extremely excited to learn about the miraculous science inside its leaves.

We’re not sure if it’s possible for scientists to gather every piece of science behind it, it is an endless piece of fascination, with no limit to its discovery. There are so many different avenues you can delve in to and you could sit there for hours talking to any expert about it.

The basic anatomy of cannabis means it’s really like any other flowering plant. It has stems, leaves and the main interest generally stems around the flowers and leaves.

Did you know flowers are referred to as cola or buds? These cola are where the highest concentration of active ingredients sit, such as the terpenes and cannabinoids. The cannabis flowers are the most sought-after structure of the plant, for its medicinal uses.

In contrast, the leaves are the lowest in potency and that can be a good thing for products that require less intensity and concentration.  The leaves are also the most cost-effective, whilst flowers are more expensive.

Let’s not forget the seeds. The origin of all this wonder.

The seeds contain important fatty acids which are important for nutritional products or dietary supplements. Skin products can also benefit from cannabis seeds. Interestingly, the seeds don’t contain active ingredients in terms of cannabinoids or terpenes, so there’s no associated intoxication.

Next, we move onto actual strains. Although they all belong to one big family, there are many varieties of cannabis, all with their own unique smells, looks and characteristics. There are also variations in the active ingredients. The three types of strains are classified as: THC-dominant, CBD-dominant, and cannabis with balanced ratios of THC and CBD. For example, 20:1 CBD:THC where one active ingredient is more dominant than the other.

Moving onto colour, different pigmentations change the look of cannabis plants, from purple cannabis to green and even blue! With all these different types of characteristic combinations, it makes you appreciate and realise how complex the family genetics really is.

Terpene contents also differ, which has an impact on flavour and smell. Breeding different strains and hybrid engineering can give rise to even more possible strains and potential benefits.

The biochemistry behind cannabis can help humans and their endocannabinoid system in many positive ways including regulated sleep patterns, handling depression, appetite and even our hearts.

Our products are organic certified which means their freshness is key. The harvest time and storage time is optimally timed to ensure complete freshness of product, which makes its ingredients pure and absent from toxic pesticides. Similarly, all our CBD oils containing cannabinoids were grown and cultivated in an environment where mold wasn’t allowed to grow.

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