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The Flowers, Leaves and Seeds of the…

by on 4 January, 2019

The Cannabis plant has a lot of interesting facts that never end to surprise us. The plant makes us extremely excited to learn about the miraculous science inside its leaves. We’re not sure if it’s possible for scientists to gather every piece of science behind it, it is an endless piece of fascination, with no limit to its discovery. There are so many different avenues you can delve in to and you could sit there for hours talking to any expert about it. The basic anatomy of cannabis means it’s really like any other flowering plant. It has stems, leaves and the main interest generally stems around the flowers and leaves. Did you know flowers are referred to as cola or buds? These cola are where the highest concentration of active ingredients sit, such as the terpenes and cannabinoids. The cannabis flowers are the most sought-after structure of the plant, for its medicinal uses. In contrast, the leaves are the lowest in potency and that can be a good thing for products that require less intensity and concentration.  The leaves are also the most cost-effective, whilst flowers are more expensive. Let’s not forget the seeds. The origin of all this…

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CBD Infused Dinners Designer Handbags

CBD-Infused Dinners & Designer Handbags?

by on 14 December, 2018

Cannabis is trending everywhere. The plant is already influencing culture, fashion and food. People are becoming more and more curious about what CBD is all about. Gracias Madre is a vegan restaurant (one of the many that are cropping up all around the world) and already serving CBD cocktails to their customers in West Hollywood You can even get a Swedish massage with peppermint CBD balm at the Now spa in LA. If CBD hasn’t whetted your appetite yet, then read on to discover more innovative ways the world is infusing CBD into our everyday lives. Miss Grass Already a number of campaigners are doing their bit to de-stigmatise the stigma attached to CBD and cannabis. Anne Duckworth and Kate Miller have already started normalising conversations around cannabis through their ‘Miss Grass’ brand. Free Weed Magazine Next up, there’s a free magazine publication which focusses on weed. Designed by Anja Charbonneau, the magazine is called Broccoli and it’s main objective is to focus on cannabis through creative fashion and design. Issue 1 featured a flower arrangement and the latest issue has an essay on hemp, and an article on eating cannabis by cannabis chocolate expert, Rachel Gallagaher. A yearly subscription…

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Why Do People Buy CBD Oils?

by on 23 November, 2018

You don’t have to have an illness or ailment to cure to buy CBD oils. Many people have heard the fabulous reviews about CBD oils and started to incorporate them in their lives as a preventative measure to keep themselves in good health. To stop anything from going wrong before it does. Well isn’t that how we should all be? It’s common human nature to have a reactive way to life. To research into alternative therapies to conventional medicine, ‘when’ we have been diagnosed with something. But how many of us proactively research into diet supplements that can keep us healthy and away from the onset of illnesses? There is an increasing pattern of CBD oil buyers who are buying and ingesting this beneficial oil daily, to do just that. See it as a daily ritual, or investment in health that will pay off in decades to come. Word of mouth has to be the highest form of recommendation. When you hear that someone has been healed because of CBD oils, the healing powers of this oil start to become evident. However, the only way to truly realise the potential of anything is to try it yourself before you can really…

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Where are we with CBD research today?

by on 16 November, 2018

With Cannabis legalised in thirty USA states, it won't be long before the entire globe realises the potential of this therapeutic plant. What we have to understand is there are thousands of research institutes set up on commercial and university campuses across the world, all studying the same leaves, all producing their own unique findings. With such a complex scientific makeup of this one plant with multiple compounds, the research output is infinite. In recent years research into the health benefits of cannabis has soared incredibly. Sadly though the industry is still behind and in it’s infancy stage. Whilst we have discovered the immense benefits CBD oils bring, who knows what other benefits we could have discovered by now, if research hadn’t been halted over 50 years ago. Whilst, researchers are still at the surface of what could be potentially a revolutionary, life-improving breakthrough for all of mankind, there are still many researchers that have alienated themselves away because of the negative stigma they see attached to cannabis. One of the biggest misconceptions of medical cannabis is that you need to get high on it, for it to have any benefit. This is not true, because studies have proven that…

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The Beginners Guide To CBD E-Vape Oils

by on 12 November, 2018

Vape. If you’re wondering what all the hype around this word is, then read on to find out more about it. The vaping trend has grown significantly in recent years, where we’ve seen the rise of e-cigarettes and vape pens rise in use, not  just by ex-tobacco smokers, but by individuals who want to improve their health and wellness through beneficial vape oils. What’s the difference between CBD oils and CBD E-Vape oils? CBD Vape Oil, also known as CBD e-liquid can be used in vape pens, where it is heated up in the device and turned into a vapour which can be inhaled by the lungs, before being exhaled and finally, absorbed by the bloodstream. To get started with vape oils, customers must make sure they use CBD e-vape oil and not CBD oil. Both oils have their differences: CBD oils cannot be put into a vape pen. CBD oils are a concentrated product designed to be taken orally. E-vape oils are a liquid designed for vaping (inhaling) and designed especially for that. E-vape oils can also be taken orally (under the tongue), which makes them a pretty versatile product if you choose to alternate your intake method. Where…

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World Vegan Day

by mark on 1 November, 2018

Veganism is a practice which has seen rapid growth in recent years. The term refers to the abstinence from use of animal products, particularly in diet. Some however extend this philosophy beyond diet and refrain from using any products, for any purpose, which has an impact on animals. Vegan diets are generally higher in fibre, vitamins and phytochemicals and lower in saturated fat, cholesterol and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. The term ‘Vegan’ was established in 1944 when the ‘Vegan Society’ was founded in England, taking the first three and last two letters from the word ‘Vegetarian’. Initially it meant ‘non-dairy vegetarian’, however this soon translated into a philosophy which believed humans should live without exploiting animals. November 1st is ‘World Vegan Day’ which marks the founding of the Vegan Society. A recent study1 by global data found that in the past 3 years alone, veganism in the US has increased by 600%. Similar research2 in the UK estimates the number of vegans in the UK has grown 700% in the past two years. As a result of this booming trend, many mainstream stores and supermarkets now stock vegan ranges, as well as independent shops orientated around the vegan lifestyle. You…

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AB Hemp Rope

History Of Hemp In The UK

by AGadmin on 25 October, 2018

The UK’s history and need for hemp go back to a date far further then most people imagine. Hemp has played a crucial role in the country’s formation and growth, through humble beginnings to the height of the British Empire. Its uses today are vast and it gradually cropping up in all forms of production and life. Hemp is not a native plant to the British Isles and is widely considered to come from Asia. Through archaeological digs, hemp seeds have been found at both Roman and Anglo-Saxon sites to name a few. Hemp's popularity grew in the 17th century, arguably its biggest period of expansion within the UK. At the turn of the 17thcentury hemp was a key material used by the British Navy for sails, ropes, rigging and clothes. This stayed true until the introduction of engine propelled war and trade ships. Henry VIII in 1533 was the first reigning monarch to impose a penalty for farmers who did not grow hemp on their land. This was sustained by a later monarch, Queen Elizabeth, whom in 1563 famously decreed that for every 60 acres of land, farmers must provide at least one acre of land for growing hemp.…

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What delivery system should I use for…

by on 18 October, 2018

At Advance Biotech, we are committed to providing you with the finest CBD products on the market. With more and more people turning to hemp-based products, we strive to be at the forefront of this ever-changing market which is why we have developed a range of products to suit individual needs. By far the most common way of administering CBD is through the use of a CBD extract combined with a carrier oil. We only use the highest quality MCT oil as a carrier for our alchemic and spagyric extracts. The CBD oil (MCT oil hemp extract) is dropped sublingually (underneath the tongue) and held for a period of time, allowing it to be absorbed through the mucous membrane and directly into the bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive system ensures that the cannabinoid content is not impaired by the liver and in turn allows a quicker interaction with the endocannabinoid system. This method of ingestion provides maximum availability and longevity of a full spectrum product. In addition to our range of hemp extract and MCT oil, we have developed natural plant material capsules. Suited to those who prefer capsules dosing or if you’re sensitive to the taste of a raw hemp…

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